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Inside Fenway Park – Baseball Park Reviews

Inside Fenway Park – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews

Stadium Name: Fenway Park

Team: Boston Red Sox

League: MLB – American League East

Years Visited:
1988 – Present time

Opposing Team:
More I have seen than haven’t

Date Opened:

Date Closed:

Overall Rating:
(1-10) 9

Beer Price Rank (2016): 1st highest in the MLB

Ticket Price Rank (2016): 1st highest in the MLB

Baseball, Bars & Bedlam Rank: 2 out of 33

Baseball, Bars & Bedlam Visit Order: 1 out of 33

Notable Award:
The stadium is currently the oldest ball park in all the major leagues.


Growing up 10 miles north of Boston makes me a little bias for this review but the Red Sox will always be my number team. I remember being a kid and getting all excited walking into the stadium. The stadium is just part of the experience. The green line train ride there, grabbing some food before the game and walking around the stadium before, checking out the sites is what makes Fenway, Fenway. I remember being a young guy and hearing all talk about ripping down Fenway and building a new stadium and as a kid that made me sad. I seen the Boston Garden come and go and it was like a piece of my childhood was gone forever. I remember going to the game with my dad back in October of 1993. The Sox were out of the playoff run and we must of just got tickets for free. We took the train in and I remember just walking up the ramp and seeing the green monster and green grass. When you 8 years old, that means everything to you.

My first game was when I was 4 years old. I was with my mom, aunt and grandfather. We sat 3 rows back behind the owners box. It was a rainy night, the ushers kept kicking people out from the unused owners seats in front of me. Every time an umbrella was opened, the usher where on it. I don’t know how i remember this at my age but the image is clear as day. I remember every time I had been to that stadium and we are talking over 100 times in the last 25+ years. It is a great place and I have great memories there. It will always be number 1 for favorite stadiums for me.

The Fenway area of Boston is a great place to go before, after and when games are not even going on. Over the years such places as Cask, Beer Works and Ball Park Tavern have been hangouts in the Neighborhood. With several colleges surround Fenway, the crowds are usually younger, but don’t be surprised if you see some grandmothers banging back shots at the bar before the game.

Getting to the game is fairly easy, jump on the Green Line, any train but the E train and get off at Kenmore. DONE. But if you do end up on the E line, get off at Northeastern and its about a 20 minute walk through the Fens Park, but just don’t do it at night, unless you want to hang out with the large amount of homeless people living in the park or criminals looking to cause trouble or your occasional drunk college kid passed out on the path on his way back to his dorm.

If you have never been there, GO! its a great place to watch your favorite team play. Its part of American history. The Green monster, manual score board, the 420 triangle or the Fenway frank (the original was better) are things that make this stadium unique. See it before the Sox don’t play there anymore and if you need any advice feel free to reach out to me.

According to Statista, the Red Sox are #1 for highest ticket prices in 2016, see link for all MLB teams prices. They are also the 1st highest in beer prices according to business insider, see link for all MLB teams prices. If you are in Boston, take in a game. Arty tip: Drink before you go to the game at a dive bar somewhere. Beers and food will cost you a leg. Also wait to last minute and get your tickets on Stubhub or Ace Tickets. Don’t buy from the box office because you can find tickets cheaper elsewhere.

Pictures from the Park:

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Inside Progressive Field – Baseball Park Reviews


Inside Progressive Field– Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews

Stadium Name: Progressive Field

Team: Cleveland Indians

League: MLB – American League Central

Years Visited:
2010 & 2015

Opposing Team:
Cincinnati Reds  & Chicago White Sox

Date Opened: 1994

Date Closed:

Overall Rating:
(1-10) 8

Beer Price Rank (2016): 29th highest in the MLB

Ticket Price Rank (2016): 22nd highest in the MLB

Baseball, Bars & Bedlam Rank: 10 out of 33

Baseball, Bars & Bedlam Visit Order: 18 out of 33

Notable Award:
In 2008, Sports Illustrated named Progressive Field the Best stadium in the MLB


This field is one of the new era baseball fields. In the early 90’s, new stadiums were popping up in the majors. Teams were getting away from the multi use stadiums that were largely built in the 60’s and 70’s and moving forward to give baseball teams their own unique homes. Soon after Camden Yards was built, Jacobs Field or the Jake, as it was known before naming rights, was born.

The forever struggling city of Cleveland needed an uplift. For years the Indians would share Municipal Stadium with the NFL Browns. The stadium was falling apart and desperately needed help. Finally in the early 90’s a plan to redesign downtown Cleveland came about and part of the plan was a new arena and baseball field. The new era of baseball fields came with a more old school design with nooks and crannies making each field unique. The old “concrete donuts” multi use stadiums lacked any architecture and special feel to it, but these new stadiums all brought great character to the majors.

The first time I went to Progressive Field was in 2010 during a small long weekend road trip. The city of Cleveland, a tad dull on a Friday night, did bring in some fans for the night baseball game vs the inter-league Reds. Not as jammed pack as the stadium once was in the 90’s with the attendance record breaking days, but a fan base was seen there.

I liked the grand entrance out in left field to bring you into the park. I liked the home plate entrance that was very architecturally done well to welcome you to the Jake. The concourse was well designed and very easy to flow. Gift shops and beer stands were easy to get to. Much detail was done all the way down to the Indian’s symbols on the seats.

I went back years later for a day game on a wonderful Sunday afternoon in July. The sun was shining and the park was packed. Although the city of Cleveland gets a bad rap, the baseball stadium is one of the best in the the MLB. If your team is in town, check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and take in a Indians game, and don’t go to a Cavs game because Lebron Sucks.

According to Statista, the Indians are #22 for highest ticket prices in 2016, see link for all MLB teams prices. They are also the 29th highest in beer prices according to business insider, see link for all MLB teams prices. If you are in the Cleveland area, take in a game. Arty tip: Go to Stubhub for a better deal on tickets and grab some beers, its one of the cheapest in the majors.

Pictures from the Park:

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Inside Petco Park – Baseball Park Reviews


Inside Petco Park – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews

Stadium Name: Petco Park

Team: San Diego Padres

League: MLB – National League West

Years Visited:

Opposing Team:
Atlanta Braves

Date Opened:

Date Closed:

Overall Rating:
(1-10) 9

Beer Price Rank (2016): 25th highest in the MLB

Ticket Price Rank (2016): 25th highest in the MLB

Baseball, Bars & Bedlam Rank: 5 out of 33

Baseball, Bars & Bedlam Visit Order: 23 out of 33

Notable Award:
The historical landmark Western Metal Supply Co. building was renovated and included in the stadium design in an example of adaptive reuse. Building is a portion of the left field seating.


I went to Petco on my first west coast road trip back in 2011. When I started my tour, this was one of the parks I really wanted to see the most. The city of San Diego is a great place. Perfect weather all year round and plenty to do. This first time I went to San Diego, I couldn’t get a hotel downtown, so I stayed in an awesome beach town of La Jolla. Since I enjoy to drink a few drinks, I decided that public transportation would be the best bet to the game. Well if you are going to do this, expect it to take over an house to go 10 miles and the last train leaves around 11PM, so no time for post game fun. I had to take a combination of buses and light rail to get there.

The Park was great. My favorite feature is the use of the historical landmark Western Metal Supply Co. building hat was renovated and included in the stadium design. Easy to navigate through the park. A little baseball diamond is out in the outfield grass area for the kids. Building is a portion of the left field seating. In right field, there is a giant lawn area to sit and watch the game. You can see the park from all the buildings around it and it is a stones throw from the Gas Lamp District.

I didn’t really see anything about the stadium I didn’t like other than a few blind spots. Odd think is they seemed to take the away teams bullpen an move it to the right field foul space in stead of where I think it should be to the right of center field. Instead that space is a beach pit. Speaking of the beach It’s so close to the ocean you can smell it and from the upper deck see the seaport. The Naval ships and large bridges are a great site and if your in town for a convention, the convention center is right across the street. Nice use of the ivory throughout the park on the walls and walking bridges.

Odd think is they seemed to take the away teams bullpen an move it to the right field foul space in stead of where I think it should be to the right of center field. Instead that space is a beach pit.

According to Statista, the Padres are #25 for highest ticket prices in 2016, see link for all MLB teams prices. They are also the 25th highest in beer prices according to business insider, see link for all MLB teams prices. If you are in the San Diego area, this stadium is a must see. Arty tip: Ticket prices are cheap, so the box office could be your best bet for good seats. Also the stadium is a stones throw to the Gas Lamp District full of places to eat and drink. Basic pizza and bar def was a great place to eat.

Pictures from the Park:

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Inside Orioles Park at Camden Yards – Baseball Park Reviews


Inside Orioles Park at Camden Yards – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews

Stadium Name: Orioles Park at Camden Yards

Team: Baltimore Orioles

League: MLB – American League East

Years Visited:
2005, 2009, 2011 & 2016

Opposing Team:
Boston Red Sox

Date Opened:

Date Closed:

Overall Rating:
(1-10) 10

Beer Price Rank (2016): 8th highest in the MLB

Ticket Price Rank (2016): 14th highest in the MLB

Baseball, Bars & Bedlam Rank: 1 out of 33

Baseball, Bars & Bedlam Visit Order: 3 out of 33

Notable Award:
Big time stadium with a real homie, fan friendly old school baseball feel. Best food in the majors too!


20 years old and looking like it was just built last week. 25 years ago if you went to this area of where the park is, you would probably die. Memorial Stadium, which I dont know much about was an old school multi purpose stadium that served its purpose from the mid 50s to 2000 when it was finally torn down. A huge urban renewal project in Baltimore in the early 90s was the reason the inner harbor is one of the most beautiful places to watch a baseball game.

Camden yard was the third stadium I had been to and is my favorite of them all. As I write this, I have been to 30 MLB parks with 3 to go and everyone I go to I always compare it to this one.

From the design and architectural attention made on every detail, the stadium sets itself apart for many of the other newer stadiums in the league. Careful planning was down to make this park part of a larger picture. The stadium is simply just a piece of the inner harbor. Attracting, in past years, more fans of the visiting team then the home team, summers in Baltimore are busy and fun for all.

The stadium isnt the largest in the leagues, but holding 30K plus people, it really has warm old school ball park feel to it. The brick facades, the exposed black steal inner structure and cast iron are all import features of the stadium. In right field, they have a board walk where you can find some of the best food in the majors, cheap beer and the nicest fans in Baseball. There are little baseball sized plaques on the wall and ground that celebrates home runs hit by all sluggers of the MLB.

I have been to this park about 7 times and being 8 hours way from Boston, its a nice weekend summer trip. I advise any baseball fan to get here for the weekend. Its fun for the whole family. There is plenty to do around the inner harbor, between walking tours, boat tours, food, malls and bars, there is always something. Baltimore has a night life in a old neighborhood north of the stadium with tons of bars and if you want to stay close, Power Plant Live, which was an old power plant converted to a entertainment complex right next to the stadium, is a good choice.

According to Statista, the Orioles are #14 for highest ticket prices in 2016, see link for all MLB teams prices. They are also the 8th highest in beer prices according to business insider, see link for all MLB teams prices. If you are in the Baltimore area, take in a game. Arty tip: I would say stay close to the inner harbor, they have a light rail the runs to the burbs, but Baltimore is a walking city, stay in town and have a great weekend!

Pictures from the Park:

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Inside Busch Stadium III – Baseball Park Reviews


Inside Busch Stadium III – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews

Stadium Name: Busch Stadium III

Team: St. Louis Cardinals

League: MLB – National League Central

Years Visited:

Opposing Team:
Arizona Diamondbacks

Date Opened:

Date Closed:

Overall Rating:
(1-10) 8

Beer Price Rank (2016): 22nd highest in the MLB

Ticket Price Rank (2016): 8th highest in the MLB

Baseball, Bars & Bedlam Rank: 8 out of 33

Baseball, Bars & Bedlam Visit Order: 7 out of 33

Notable Award:
Beautiful red brick views of the St. Louis Arch and Mississippi River.


Despite what many people have to say about St. Louis, I had a wonderful time. This was the second park on the 10 day road trip we were taking and as we pulled into the city we expected the worse. We had been on the road for about 12 hours that day, leaving Pittsburgh and heading to St, Louis with a stop in Louisville, KY to check out the Louisville Slugger Museum.

We stayed in a hotel right down the street from the ball park so it was a quick walk over. We made it into town just in time to get to the game, but when we headed over to the giant arch, we realized it would be a good two hour wait to take the elevator ride up so we opt just to do that next time we are in town.

We headed over the park and made our way in. Since this was a 10 day road trip, we tried to go as cheap as possible. From what I remember the ticket prices here were high so we had to get standing room. I think that was still a 20 dollar ticket. Our theory was it wasn’t going to sell out so we would walk up to the upper level and grab a seat up there, harmless right? We couldn’t of been more wrong. There was a guy at every level checking tickets, so needless to say we walked all the way to the top just to walk all the way down. By that time all the available places to stand we gone. I took us about 3 innings to find a solid place to stand.

We stayed for most of the game considering it was a Tuesday night and we weren’t planning on doing much at night. The problem we did run into is that the city, other than around the ball park, basically shuts down after 6PM, so looking for a place to eat or be able to go in with someone under 21 was impossible. Oh and our hotel didn’t have room service either so we pretty much starved that night.

As for the stadium, it was beautifully done. It was a replacement for another concrete donut multiplex stadium. The old stadium was right next door to this one. In fact when building the new stadium, they were only able to complete up to a small sliver in center field where the bleachers are because the old stadium was in the way. They construction workers had to wait until the last game of the season in 2005 and remove that section of the old stadium first so the new stadium could be completed before opening day in 2006. It was a impressive feat that the construction workers were able to do. Busch III was opening on time 100% complete by April of 2006.

The stadium has a huge concourse and all the modern perks of a modern stadium. Great views from around that park. The stadium room was located on the main walk way between the grandstand and box seats so you had to deal with people walking in front of you the whole time. Also for a stadium that is owned by a beer company, i expected at least the bud and bud light to be cheaper, boy was a wrong.

The stadium was nice and there the area we were staying was also seemed safe. There is a parking lot there, located where the old stadium was, but if you were going to visit, I’d stay in town. We only had about 6 hours total so I can’t really give a true assessment what the night life in and around the stadium was like, but from sources, there is a night life before and after game around the stadium.

According to Statista, the Cardinals are #8 for highest ticket prices in 2016, see link for all MLB teams prices. They are also the 22nd highest in beer prices according to business insider, see link for all MLB teams prices. If you are in Boston, take in a game. Arty tip: Drink before you go to the game at a dive bar somewhere. Beers and food will cost you a leg. Also wait to last minute and get your tickets on Stubhub. Don’t buy from the box office because you can find tickets cheaper elsewhere.

Pictures from the Park:

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Inside PNC Park – Baseball Park Reviews

Stadium Name: PNC Park

Team: Pittsburgh Pirates

League: MLB – National League Central

First Date Visited: 2007

Opposing Team: Washington Nationals

Date Opened: 2001

Date Closed: NA

Overall Rating: (1-10) 8

Notable Award: Easy to walk to from downtown and great views of the 3 rivers and downtown Pittsburgh.

PNC Park is a new park, but you can tell it was built for a small market team. Likes its sister city to the east, Philadelphia, the Pirates were a victim of a concrete donut which they shared with the cities football team, the Stealers. The former stadium was Three Rivers Stadium and was built in the early 70’s a result to build two new stadiums for the cities sports team for the price of one. As talked about earlier, the concrete donut was a staple to many cities in America during this time.

In the late 90’s Pittsburgh and their teams decided they needed to break up and get their own stadiums. PNC Park was designed and built for the Pirates, who at this time were already in a 10 year playoff drought, so the fund were not exactly their for them, and the stadium design reflects that directly.

Now don’t get me wrong, the stadium is very nice, but basic. It reminds me of a slightly bigger minor league park. It is a cookie cutter of a basic ball park with nothing special about it to make it unique. The facade along the stands is an odd choice of slate that has a pink tone to it. It seems like it was placed their in a last ditch cheap effort to cover the concrete.

There is a Outback in left field, where if you get in before the game and order food and drinks during the game, you can watch the pirates for free, which is a really cool feature. The crew and I spent a few innings in there prior to getting to the game. The game we went to was against the Nationals, who at this time had just become a team a year prior and as a result, there wasn’t a huge turn out but we had a good time.

While sitting in the stands there is a beautiful view of downtown Pittsburgh, the rivers and the beautiful yellow painted bridges that cross them. One such noted bridge is the Roberto Clemente Bridge. We stayed downtown and we walked about 20 minutes from our hotel, over the bridge and to the game. It was a beautiful summer Sunday. Pittsburgh has a very limited subway system, so walking really was the only way.

As for being Sunday, that led to absolutely nothing to do downtown after the game. We walked back to our hotel, went down to the restaurant and that was empty. we searched for a bar or a strip club and there was nothing. The city looked like a set of a movie with hardly any cars anywhere. It was just as well though, we had left Phillie that morning at 5:00AM to make the 1PM game. It was about a 4 hour a drive from Phillie to Pittsburgh. We took a nap after the game an went exploring.

My cousin and I went down to the bar in the hotel to check it out. There we met a bartender who was very helpful at he Double Tree we were staying. He sent us to this park of town which for the life of me I can’t remember. It was a 10 minute cab ride and about a 30 minute walk back. It was a street in Pittsburgh full of bars, pizza joints and little dive restaurants. For a Sunday night the club we went into was hoping. It is in fact the only city I have ever been to that the girls weren’t impressed with the Boston Accent.

If you are planning on visiting PNC, I would suggest stay downtown, walk to the game and maybe plan for a friday or Saturday night. There will probably be more going on in the old blue collar town. I heard there are a lot of bars to check out before the game around the stadium. Would definitely visit again and the experience was nice, I was just a little disappointed with the over all stadium design specially after seeing Camden and CBP prior.

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Inside Citizens Bank Park – Baseball Park Reviews


Stadium Name: Citizens Bank Park

Team: Philadelphia Phillies

League: MLB – National League East

First Date Visited: 2007

Opposing Team: Boston Red Sox

Date Opened: 2004

Date Closed: NA

Overall Rating: (1-10) 9

Notable Award: Like Camden Yards, its a newer model stadium with the feel of an old time baseball stadium. A batters park, with great views from any seat and the cheapest beers in the majors, 6 dollar 22oz Sam Adams, can’t beat that!

With the red brick facade, large open concourses and nice view of downtown Phillie, Citizens Bank Park makes its way into the top 5 parks in the majors. Opening in 2004 and replacing the old Vet stadium, which was a multi-purpose stadium for baseball and football, the Phillies improved their appearance over night. The Vet was built in the days of the concrete donut style which in the 60’s, cities seen as a great way to build a modern stadium for two of their pro teams and save money, but the concrete donut never made a good baseball park.

In the late 90’s, there was a movement within baseball teams to make their stadiums more of a baseball park, and less of just a building that they play in. They wanted to make the stadium park of the team, and the Phillies jumped on that band wagon.

The city of Philadelphia took over the souther part of their city and dedicated it to all their sports teams. They built several complexes to hold their football, basketball/hockey teams and of course Citizens Bank Park for the Phillies. All the stadiums have huge parking areas for tail gating and ease of travel. Also the SEPTA has trains that run right down to the fields, so if your staying downtown, you can get their in about 30 minutes with no problem.

Once inside the stadium, you’ll see easily navigable concourse that are wide, easily marked and have great views of the field while you walk around the main level. Once you get to where your seat is, you’ll find several choice of food and drinks, included those cheap 22 oz beers. Now this was in 2007, so things may have changed since then, but at the time it was the best value in baseball.

In the outfield where the bullpens are, you can stand over and watch the pitchers warm up. This feature also is found in the Phillies spring training park in Clearwater Florida. Its a nice standing room only area where you can enjoy the game and see the process a pitcher takes to get warmed up for the game. In addition to this, the park is completely accessible 360 degrees, meaning you can get to all parks of the park by walking in both directions on the main level.

In addition to a great park, Phillie is a great city. A small major town that feels a lot like Boston. Boston and Phillie are both the little brothers to NYC, but are a stones throw away if you want to go for a quick visit. Philies transit system is easy to use and gets to all parts of the downtown area. if you were going to stay the night, I would suggest staying downtown, near broadway. When your there, visit the museum of art and run up the stairs like in rocky, go check out the Liberty bell and of course have a Phillie cheese stake.

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Inside Dolphins Stadium (MLB) – Baseball Park Reviews

Stadium Name: Dolphins Stadium

Team: Florida Marlins (Now Miami Marlins)

League: MLB – National League East
First Date Visited: 2005
Opposing Team: Arizona Diamond Backs
Date Opened: 1987
Date Closed: 2011 (still open for football)
Overall Rating: (1-10) 2
Notable Award: Worse place I have ever watched a baseball game, until I went to oakland lol. The reason why football & baseball should never share stadiums

Walking down the streets of South Beach, a very nice lady gave me 4 free tickets to a marlins game on a wednesday night. My cousin, 2 friends and myself were planning on going to the game anyways, but wow now for free. As we drove to the stadium we were a little skeptical that free tickets would just be given way but never the less it was worth the try. Dolphin stadium or what ever the hell its call now was about 30 mins north of South Beach. We finally get there and BOOM the tickets work.

We were their fairly early so we did a lot of walking around. This stadium has NOTHING to offer. Its a football stadium that in 92 when Miami was given an expansion team, the fine folk of MIami were like hey just put them with the dolphins. There was so much foul ground in this place that pitchers ERA had to be one of the best in the majors when they pitched here.</p>

They had hot tubs in right field and i think there was only 10k people there, if that. Our tickets were deep right field with a value of 1 dollar on them, we moved to 10 rows behind the plate. There was this unique beer vendor who would yell get your beeeeeeerrrrrrr heeeeeeeerrrrre; it was great. We stayed till about the 7th inning. We did get to see an unassisted triple play that game from Mike Lowell. Its a rarity in baseball incase you didnt know.

The food stunk, soggy hot dogs and pretzels. must of been all the humidity down there. The bread was like i sat on it with wet pants on. Other then the beer guy, one of my most memorable events there was hitting on the hot chick who was from Ft. Lauderdale and worked at the visa table. I signed up for a credit card for her and she gave me a towel, very nice. After flirting for an inning and a half she ended up giving me more towels, t shirts and marlins crap I will ever need for a lifetime. I got much use out of those towels!

This is another stadium with nothing around it. A concrete block in the middle of a parking lot. I have been here 2 times, once for baseball and once for football. As a football stadium, its average, for a baseball park, it stinks. Out of 30 i have been to this is easily #30, Im glad this didnt cost me a dime. The marlins are lucky now, they play in a much nice, more baseball feel stadium. They are very lucky they got the hell out of Miami Gardens Florida.

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Inside Angel Stadium – Baseball Park Reviews

Inside Angel Stadium – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews

Stadium Name: Angel Stadium

Team: LA Angels

League: MLB – American League West
First Date Visited: 2011
Opposing Team: Washington Nationals
Date Opened: 1966
Date Closed: NA
Overall Rating: (1-10) 5
Notable Award: cool little rock water fountain in center field and a large old school A in the parking lot

4th oldest active ball park in the majors. Built in 1964 but fully renovated in 1998. For an ok’d stadium has a late 90s early 2000 feel in it’s architecture. Very clean and very kept up.

Very Disney like. You can tell they once owned them with the giant angel a in the parking lot and the 2 large angel hats when you walk in.

Center field has a cool rocky waterfall. The stadium although is a standard shape and layout the architectural aspects give it an uniqueness. It’s all small park made nicely for batters. Deepest fence is a little more than 400 feet. The fence height ranges from 10 to about 20 feet.

The stadiums main color is a dark green. Over right field stands there is a large modern big screen. There is also a smaller one over left field. The stadium is very easy to get around. The 2 large ramps to the upper deck work very well. Parking is very east also very little grid lock getting into the game. Although the city of anahiem doesn’t do a very good job with marking the stadiums exit with a sign in the highway.

Parking is 10 dollars and merch beer and food prices are about average in the majors.

Stadium views arnt bad. Mountains in centerfield but it’s kind of blocked by buildings and the highway

There really isn’t anywhere to go after the game. It’s a tailgate park. And public transportation doesn’t look like it exist to here.

The backstop like dodgers stadium is see through and has seats located there. Fan base is pretty good. For a Monday it’s about 75% filled.

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Inside Dodger Stadium – Baseball Park Reviews

Inside Dodger Stadium – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews

Stadium Name: Dodger Stadium

Team: LA Dodgers

League: MLB – National League West
First Date Visited: 2011
Opposing Team: LA Angels
Date Opened: 1962
Date Closed: NA
Overall Rating: (1-10) 4
Notable Award: The best views in baseball.

Built in 1962. The 3rd oldest active MLB ball park and it looks it much of it doesn’t appear to have been updates in a while. Certain parts of the stadium are unaccessable from
Other parks. Different exits and entrances. The out field setup looks exactly like the old Shea stadium. Stands in right and left with nothing but a giant blacked off area in center. Old fashion 70s style scoreboard in right field with a newer post 2000 big screen in left. Ease of keeping track of the score and inning very easy. Stadium built in the side of the hill like an amputheather. A def batters park. Deepest fence is 395 with about a 10 foot fence around the whole outfield.

Men’s room still has trorths like fenway had

A pain to get to. Traffic is terrible on a Sunday can only imaging a week day night. No sign of efficient public transportation. Very large parking lot thought

Nicest views in baseball. Great views of the Hollywood hills, downtown la and the mountains in the background. 2nd is coors field in Denver.

Fans for a Sunday not a lot considering it’s a freeway series vs the angles.

60s contemporary architecture to a minimum. Still holds the esseants of the old concrete donut designs. Very little shady areas. The hot la summer sun makes a day game difficult to sit all the way through.

Parking is 15 and can get up to 35.  Ran out of shot glasses!! Wth had to get a baseball instead. Need to order a shot glass online.

After game life? None. In a rough neighborhood on the side of a hill on a side of a freeway. Like the royals rangers and marlins stadium you show up an then you leave not much in walking distance.