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Inside Orioles Park at Camden Yards – Baseball Park Reviews


Inside Orioles Park at Camden Yards – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews

Stadium Name: Orioles Park at Camden Yards

Team: Baltimore Orioles

League: MLB – American League East

Years Visited:
2005, 2009, 2011 & 2016

Opposing Team:
Boston Red Sox

Date Opened:

Date Closed:

Overall Rating:
(1-10) 10

Beer Price Rank (2016): 8th highest in the MLB

Ticket Price Rank (2016): 14th highest in the MLB

Baseball, Bars & Bedlam Rank: 1 out of 33

Baseball, Bars & Bedlam Visit Order: 3 out of 33

Notable Award:
Big time stadium with a real homie, fan friendly old school baseball feel. Best food in the majors too!


20 years old and looking like it was just built last week. 25 years ago if you went to this area of where the park is, you would probably die. Memorial Stadium, which I dont know much about was an old school multi purpose stadium that served its purpose from the mid 50s to 2000 when it was finally torn down. A huge urban renewal project in Baltimore in the early 90s was the reason the inner harbor is one of the most beautiful places to watch a baseball game.

Camden yard was the third stadium I had been to and is my favorite of them all. As I write this, I have been to 30 MLB parks with 3 to go and everyone I go to I always compare it to this one.

From the design and architectural attention made on every detail, the stadium sets itself apart for many of the other newer stadiums in the league. Careful planning was down to make this park part of a larger picture. The stadium is simply just a piece of the inner harbor. Attracting, in past years, more fans of the visiting team then the home team, summers in Baltimore are busy and fun for all.

The stadium isnt the largest in the leagues, but holding 30K plus people, it really has warm old school ball park feel to it. The brick facades, the exposed black steal inner structure and cast iron are all import features of the stadium. In right field, they have a board walk where you can find some of the best food in the majors, cheap beer and the nicest fans in Baseball. There are little baseball sized plaques on the wall and ground that celebrates home runs hit by all sluggers of the MLB.

I have been to this park about 7 times and being 8 hours way from Boston, its a nice weekend summer trip. I advise any baseball fan to get here for the weekend. Its fun for the whole family. There is plenty to do around the inner harbor, between walking tours, boat tours, food, malls and bars, there is always something. Baltimore has a night life in a old neighborhood north of the stadium with tons of bars and if you want to stay close, Power Plant Live, which was an old power plant converted to a entertainment complex right next to the stadium, is a good choice.

According to Statista, the Orioles are #14 for highest ticket prices in 2016, see link for all MLB teams prices. They are also the 8th highest in beer prices according to business insider, see link for all MLB teams prices. If you are in the Baltimore area, take in a game. Arty tip: I would say stay close to the inner harbor, they have a light rail the runs to the burbs, but Baltimore is a walking city, stay in town and have a great weekend!

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