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Inside Dodger Stadium – Baseball Park Reviews

Inside Dodger Stadium – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews

Stadium Name: Dodger Stadium

Team: LA Dodgers

League: MLB – National League West
First Date Visited: 2011
Opposing Team: LA Angels
Date Opened: 1962
Date Closed: NA
Overall Rating: (1-10) 4
Notable Award: The best views in baseball.

Built in 1962. The 3rd oldest active MLB ball park and it looks it much of it doesn’t appear to have been updates in a while. Certain parts of the stadium are unaccessable from
Other parks. Different exits and entrances. The out field setup looks exactly like the old Shea stadium. Stands in right and left with nothing but a giant blacked off area in center. Old fashion 70s style scoreboard in right field with a newer post 2000 big screen in left. Ease of keeping track of the score and inning very easy. Stadium built in the side of the hill like an amputheather. A def batters park. Deepest fence is 395 with about a 10 foot fence around the whole outfield.

Men’s room still has trorths like fenway had

A pain to get to. Traffic is terrible on a Sunday can only imaging a week day night. No sign of efficient public transportation. Very large parking lot thought

Nicest views in baseball. Great views of the Hollywood hills, downtown la and the mountains in the background. 2nd is coors field in Denver.

Fans for a Sunday not a lot considering it’s a freeway series vs the angles.

60s contemporary architecture to a minimum. Still holds the esseants of the old concrete donut designs. Very little shady areas. The hot la summer sun makes a day game difficult to sit all the way through.

Parking is 15 and can get up to 35.  Ran out of shot glasses!! Wth had to get a baseball instead. Need to order a shot glass online.

After game life? None. In a rough neighborhood on the side of a hill on a side of a freeway. Like the royals rangers and marlins stadium you show up an then you leave not much in walking distance.

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Inside MetLife Stadium (NYG) – NFL Stadium Reviews


Inside Metlife Stadium – Arty 84 NFL Stadium Reviews

Stadium Name: MetLife Stadium

Team: New York Giants

League: NFL – NFC East

Years Visited:

Opposing Team:
New Orleans Saints

Date Opened:

Date Closed:

Overall Rating:
(1-10) 8

Beer Price Rank (2015): 28th highest in the NFL

Ticket Price Rank (2015): 7th highest in the NFL

Notable Award:
Was home to Super Bowl XLVIII which was the first modern outdoor super bowl in a northern climate.

Review & Journey:

After seeing all the MLB Stadiums out there, the next task was to see all the others sports stadiums and arenas. This was my second time at MetLife stadium, firs time was to see the Jets, but this was a lot better of an experience. First off, Giants fans are a lot nicer than Jets fans. Second, I had gone in September where it was a beautiful day, rather then ice cold like the Jets game. Third of course is because this time i took the first lady along with me on the trip, wink wink.

We left early morning from our DC apartment and heading up to East Rutherford. The ride is about 4 hours so we planned on getting into the parking lot around 9/9:30. Getting into the stadium parking was very easy. They have their own exit right off the highway. Once we got into the parking lot, that was a different story. Apparently you need to buy a packing pass ahead of time to park in the lots, which no one told us about. Luckily this is an issue that happens all the time (5 other cars behind us had the same issue) so there was an easily solution. The lady told us to go on Stubhub and buy a pass from there and show it to here, once we did that we were ready to party.

The Blue lot is where we ended up and it was a quick 10 minute walk to the stadium gate. Tailgaters where a good time and we were able to setup camp with the white van and no one bother us, even after we raised the saints flag high above us. I cooked up some treats, made some drinks and other than the wind taking the tent away and scratching the guy next to us Audi, everything went pretty good.

The stadium was easy to get into. Last time I was here I went in via train and it seemed like more of a cluster bang, but walking in this time was a lot easier. Even though there was a terrorist attack in the day before in NYC, the security was pretty simple to get in. Once in, it is very easy to navigate around the stadium. Wide concourses and lots of signs makes it easy to get to the seats. There are plenty of restrooms to get to and plenty of options of food and drinks, and the lines we not to bad, evening on a sold out opening stadium day.

The game ended up with a home team Giants win over the Saints 13-16 and lots of happy Giants lovers. “Why did the guy bring the ladder to the game? the giants where playing” We did a post game tailgate to wait for the traffic to die down and then hit the road about an hour after game time. At that point the flow was lighter than after game time and we moved consistently until we got to the turnpike then we were home free.

The overall experience was great. NFL stadiums seem to have it down with getting people in and out and getting around. This was one of the easiest in and out and very convenient when you needed stuff. This is diffidently a stadium to go to if your team in playing NY. Either drive to the game or take the bus or train from Manhattan. When your there, where your team colors proud to, Giants fans are real football fans and respect what the NFL, not like the animals in Philly, sorry Philly.

Pictures from the Stadium:

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