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Baseball Dominance 2023

What team will own the MLB

How we play

Step 1 Spin for team

Step 2 spin for direction (if direction doesn’t work, then spin again)

Step 3 Spun team will use their record for a weekend series against the record of the attacked teams series. Tie breaker goes the following.

  1. Record for 3 game series (if there is 4 games, we only will take the first 3)
  2. Runs scored vs runs against
  3. Least errors wins
  4. Home runs
  5. And hope we don’t need 4 tie breakers.

This will start Thursday for Opening day.

Example of how this works,

  1. Spin for team and get the Boston Red Sox
  2. We spin west and get to play the Yankees
  3. Red Sox vs Baltimore vs Yankees vs Giants
    1. Team with the best record wins and then takes over the other teams territory
    1. If record are the same, then see tie breaker rules

This will go on every 5 days or so until we get a winner

Map of the beinging of the season 3/6/23