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Fort Myers Beach – Before and After the Storm

Growing up in Boston, 1500 miles away from Fort Myers, it would be tough for some to relate to such a different place in the country. Since I was a year old, I was coming down to Fort Myers every year (sometimes many times a year) to visit family that lived down here.

            When college came around, I would Spring Break at Fort Myers every year. Still to this day, I am down there every March. The Beach to me always had lots of meaning to me. So many memories over the years walking at night, eating, and drinking and learning the place better than some places I frequent more often.

            We wanted to share some pictures of Fort Myers Beach so they forever will be remembered what most of the people who have been there remember. The beach will forever be changed, but hopefully in time FMB will bounce back and rebuild stronger.

            Hopes and Prayers to anyone who lost their livelihoods.

Fort Myers Beach 2004-2021

After Ian

Fort Myers Beach March 2021

Red Sox Spring training at Jet Blue Park and Fort Myers Brewing Company – TWE 0105


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Red Sox Spring training at Jet Blue Park and Fort Myers Brewing Company – TWE 0105

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