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Battle at Bristol Motor Speedway – Tennessee vs Virginia Tech 9/10/16

Date: 9/10/16

Objective: The first lady and I went off to Tennessee for the day to see her University of Tennessee Volunteers take on Virginia Tech at a neutral locations at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol Tennessee. This game at the race track broke the world recorded for the largest crowd at a football game at 156,990 people present at the game. The Last Great Colosseum, as they call Bristol, is now home to the new world record. The 2013 Michigan v. Notre Dame game, where attendance numbers reached 115,109, previously held the title of the largest football game.

The Adventure: The two of us dropped the babies (puppies) at their hotel on Friday night, packed up the van and hit the road by 8PM. The ride to Bristol is about 6 hours, so the plan was to get down there early, sleep a little, tailgate all day then spend the night. Since hotels down there are a minimum anyways, we decided to camp out, which most people usually do for the race. There is a camp ground/RV park about a mile from the racetrack that has free shuttles to and from. I did some research and figured that we can park the van and camp inside there for the night with an air mattress.

We got to the site around 4AM after a quick stop at Walmart to grab a few more things. We unloaded the van, set up the tents and equipment and got about 90 minutes of sleep before we kicked off breakfast and a day of drinking, football and bad decisions.

I had got some equipment that allowed us to watch cable TV using a sling box, my phone, a battery back up system and a TV that runs off a DC connections. In addition I bought a HD TV antenna so we can watch basic TV too. I also got a battery powered audio system that has a 50 hour battery, can charge your phone and has a mic input. It works great. Along with some solar powered lights and tons of charcoal, we were ready to go all weekend.

After to much champagne and some corn hole, I was wasted by 5PM. The first lady was feeling pretty good too, but we made it to the racetrack. The bad part about this trip was that the Stub Hub location was located on the other side of the track. We had to walk completely around to get the tickets and then back around to get into the stadium. One we were in, the first lady and I went the wrong way and had to walk a half mile, literally, around the place, almost died in a large group of people who were charging in and finally made our way to the stair way we needed.

Once we got to the seats, it was great. We had a great view of the game, but the e only problem was we apparently were sitting in the VT section. At the beginning it sucked because VT was actually doing good, but as time went on UT took the lead and that section got empty very fast. UT won 45-24 and I am not a college football fan, and by default UT is my team.


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