Inside the Emerald Square Mall – Dead Mall or Not – TWE 0400

#deadmalls #emeraldsquaremall #NorthAttleboroughMA #malls

Welcome to our Adventure vlog – We call this The Wicked Explorers with Arty 84, Suzi J Henry & Charlotte

Inside the Emerald Square Mall – Dead Mall or Not – TWE 0400

Check out our interactive map: https://goo.gl/maps/o1RaFULdtzQxFkFEA

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Equipment: GoPro Hero 3 GoPro Hero 7 Black I Phone 11x Pro I Phone 7x Pro DJI OSMO Mobile DJI Mavic 2 drone I Movie for editing this

2 thoughts on “Inside the Emerald Square Mall – Dead Mall or Not – TWE 0400”

  1. Really enjoyed your piece. I worked security as this mall from the beginning for 11 years. So many stories and memories here. In 1989 it was the place to go, events, celebrity appearances. If walls could talk you would be amazed of the stories it could tell. I agree with you it’s just a matter of time for Emerald Square but like so many things in life trends evolve and it’s shinning days are in the past. Thanks again for the tour, memories I won’t ever forget.


    1. thanks for watching, its sad to see this once busy places slowly die eventually all we will have is memories of these places when they are gone


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